Surviving the Workday in your Organization

By: Lorraine Pirihi

Most people suffer from stress at some time during the day. When you recognise your own peak and low energy levels, you can work with your body clock to maintain high productivity and alertness. It makes sense to tackle the hardest tasks at high-energy times, and when you're feeling low, do simpler tasks like sorting the mail or filing. If you force yourself to do difficult tasks when your energy is low, you'll take much longer to finish them.

So start with planning time for YOU!

You may think you're the lean-mean money-making machine in your organisation, however all machines need some maintenance/time out.

Take short breaks every hour throughout the day of no more than 10 minutes to keep your mind alert and productivity high.

At lunchtime - go for a walk - your organisation will survive without you for an hour! And besides, you need the exercise.

Listen to your Mood - if you're carrying out your work with a pleasant attitude without forcing yourself too much - you're within your limits.

Get Organised!

Don't wait for a stress attack. One of the best ways to lower your stress levels is to be better organised. So many people make themselves ill due to their lack of organisation. They have no system, no idea how to manage their time and generally just run from one crisis to another. And the crazy thing is, it doesn't take a lot of time and money to get in control of your life!

You and Your Team

A dynamic and cohesive team in every organisation is its most valuable asset! Providing personal effectiveness coaching or training is therefore an absolute priority. If you and your team are organised at a personal level then everyone will benefit through increased productivity, less stress and a happier work environment. All of these factors have an impact on the bottom-line, a good enough reason for your organisation to invest in helping you and your team learn the skills to be as effective as possible.

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