Effects of Mobile Phones on Today's Generation

By: Andrena Markley

No one can deny the positive effects of mobile phones. Mobile phones have not only given us the power to talk wirelessly, but also provided us with many highly usable functionalities like taking pictures and videos, listening to music, playing games, accessing the Internet and much more. Keeping the entertainment part in mind, all the mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, BenQ Siemens have brought some powerful gadgets into the competitive market. All these companies are enjoying significant market share-some because of their user friendliness, the rest for their multimedia features as well as other functionalities. Whatever might be the reason, the current mobile market is a thriving one with enormous opportunities.

The current mobile market has a close relationship with the teenagers. As a trend, teenagers are more inclined to the newest gadgets of any sort. Whenever a new multimedia or electronic gadget is launched-just see the queue in any outlet-you will see a large number of youngsters filing the crowd-isn't that? Frankly speaking, youngsters are becoming tech-savvy than ever. To be in the limelight or to showcase one's fashion quotient is another reason for that growing popularity of mobile devices among the youngsters.

However, researches say that excessive use of mobile phones may cause serious health problems for anybody. It may appear shocking but an entire generation of teenagers may become senile or have brain cancer due to excessive use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies which emit radio waves while in use. That's the reason it's always advisable to make less use of mobile phones or any such items to run one's life smoothly.

But there is a good news for you! The mobile manufacturing companies are now coming up with various models with a limited SAR (Specific Absorption Ratio) limit. But one thing is for sure that compared to the effects of mobile phones. their benefits are many. Safe use of these gadgets is truly helpful for you in many ways than one.

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