Mobile Phones and Their Effects on Youths

By: Andrena Markley

It is understood that accessories and attires of an individual showcases the distinct individuality and life style of that being. In the case of the most popular of device of the modern era, which thankfully is riding high on technological innovations, and appearing on different shapes and sizes, it is obvious that the device would be an exhibition of it's owner's 'self'. Let it be an assortment of gorgeously stylish exterior, or with a sedate yet solid look, a mobile phone in some-way or other seems to manifest its owner's life style and taste. Come to talk about youth, the active and restless block of society, the abundance of mobile phones in diverse forms have helped them to take shelter of an instrument which carries a distinct insignia of individuality and performs the important task of communication.

In today's world, with technological advancements, a mobile phone have metamorphosed into an all-in-one gadget. A gadget that plays music, takes high-resolution pictures, offers services to access internet instantly, and many more. For young ones, a mobile phone have helped them to socialise, and share thoughts through a fast, efficient and common platform. Because of mobile phones, young member of a family is more reachable nowadays. However, on a less encouraging note, mobile phones being used while driving have added to the increased tally of traffic accidents. And share of involvement youths in the cases of road accidents while attending a mobile call, is not less any way.

It is true that mobile phones are potent enough to raise quite a few health related complicacies, and young individuals being the prominent users, do come into the umbrella of ill effects of a mobile phone. However, saying so, we still have to remind that every technical innovations possess a faithful follower in the name of ill effects. If one youth's reckless attitude is sure to amass problems uncalled for, other's judicious steps with a bit of precaution can help one and all to enjoy the limitless possibilities of a mobile phone. It is up to us to determine the functioning of one of our most loved device as an useful slave or a demanding master.

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