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By: Julia Hall

Home security situations and needs differ with the physical size of the home, number of residents, ages and interests of those residents, and the worth or value of the contents of the house. Do you live alone or with several other people? Are you or other members of your family completely healthy, or are you disabled in some way? All these factors may influence your decision regarding what is best for you and your personal security situation. Regardless of the size of your house, the number and ages of family members and the quantity of individuals you live with, everyone needs protection from break-ins, burglary, and medical and fire emergencies. Do you currently enjoy total protection from an intruder intent on taking your belongings and harming you in the process? While no one can be absolutely 100 percent protected, you can make your home environment at least 3 times more secure* by employing a Wireless Home Security System with monitoring by ADT.
ADT Security Services has top of the line wireless sensors that have the unique capability of detecting intruders before they step foot inside your property.

Interior sensors are sensitive to body heat and movement and when activated make immediate contact with the closest command monitoring center and the appropriate authorities. ADT Security Services has five command centers located strategically across the United States so that your call and subsequent communications are received person-to-person rather than through automation. This assures prompt and immediate response during any emergency situation. Basic equipment includes a master control panel, a key chain remote, 3 door/window sensors, a motion detector, a built-in siren, and yard and window signs to be prominently displayed. Signs of this nature often deter crime before it is committed. Arming the system is easy - just a touch of the key chain remote - and protection is continuous - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Paramedics, fire, and police may be summoned by a touch of the control panel whether the system is armed or not. This assures assistance within minutes of activation. The scope of protection with these systems is comparable to having a private security specialist in your home at all times. The Wireless ADT monitored security system is installed by licensed professionals who can answer any questions you might have and offer recommendations and suggestions for any additional security needs. Instruction on the operation of your system is provided as well as ADT certification for insurance purposes. Many homeowner insurance policies offer up to a 20 percent savings in premiums when an ADT monitored security system is installed. An added bonus for homeowners is that property values usually increase in homes protected by ADT systems.
Keep your loved ones and home protected from intruders, crime, fire, and medical emergencies. Continuous coverage starting at $32.99 per month is a small price to pay for 100 percent comfort and peace of mind. You can rest assured that your family is safe in the privacy of your home with ADT Security. Everyone, everywhere is susceptible to crime. Your search for the best protection company has come to an end. ADT is the best in the business. Find more information about getting free system equipment and free activation - Home Security Systems monitored by ADT.

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