Refurbished Laptop, to Buy or not to Buy

By: brenda moore

A refurbished laptop may be a great option if you do not think that you can afford the cost of a brand new computer. These notebook computers are often in virtually new condition, but have just been returned by the consumer for some reason or another. The reason can be as simple as they just did not like the style or size of the laptop to maybe just changing their mind about the purchase.

Most refurbished laptops are returned to the store within ninety (90) days of purchase, so you really are getting a brand new computer. These computers are then sent back to the manufacturer for inspection. If there are any problems, they are repaired and often the manufacturer even upgrades the laptop. So when you buy a refurbished laptop, you may get features that were not even included in the original design.

Even if cost is not a consideration for you, purchasing a refurbished laptop may still be a good choice. Purchasing a refurbished model can often mean getting a more powerful computer with more features. However, with the prices dropping on brand new computers, the benefits of purchasing a refurbished laptop may not be as great as they once were. This is something to consider also.

Though purchasing a refurbished laptop from one of the major companies like Dell or Gateway can save you money, you may lose in the warranty department. The warranties for refurbished laptops usually pale in comparison to the warranties offered on new models.

Another option to consider if you are thinking a about a refurbished laptop is that you may be able to get a brand new computer for free by participating in online offers. So you may also want to think about this.

The main thing that you need to consider, though, is the reputation of the company selling the refurbished laptop. Remembering this tip may save you a lot of heartache in the future if you have any problem with your computer.

Another drawback to a refurbished laptop is that it cannot be customized. So basically, you need to be satisfied with all the features included before making your final decision.

Your decision to purchase a refurbished laptop will rely on your budget and individual preference. Just be sure to do your research first.

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