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Site Analyzer, an automatic website troubleshooter
This product allows users to check a website for broken links and missed images. Vancouver, BC - December 2007 - Companies and individuals looking to troubleshoot, enhance and maintain their website performance will benefit from a new program called Site Analyzer. Site Analyzer is designed to automate the vital web management task of monitoring and improving web site performance.
Website managers are well aware that broken links and other issues create a negative and unprofessional impression on potential customers. Site Analyzer performs comprehensive scans of a specified website and alerts web managers to a range of common problems including broken links, faulty image links, errors in HTML code and missing meta tags using a variety of report formats.

In today's dynamic and changing Internet, external links can quickly become obsolete and so regular checks on them are vital to keep any website free of errors. FlamingoSoft have included detailed page-by-page reporting of outbound links in this tool. This should be of particular interest to those website owners who obtain revenues by selling outbound links from high ranking websites. Link purchasers can be given the information they need to select the best pages for their links. Also, the link vendor will be able to see which pages are "overloaded" with external links and perhaps suspend link sales on those pages. "Our existing products have become popular tools among SEO specialists" said Nikita Melkin, CEO of FlamingoSoft "and we are now releasing a new Site Analyzer module that will be invaluable to every webmaster, including professionals and those who are new to the industry. This new utility is a great addition to any webmasters tool inventory and will make the SeoAdministrator package even more valuable to existing and new customers alike."
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