ERP Upgrade : Microsoft Great Plains Demo

By: Andrew Karasev

If you have been using your accounting and MRP application for the long time without investing into version update, now it might be time for you to consider getting updated. Assuming that you represent mid-size enterprise, you should expect that corporate ERP version upgrade is something that you should build the strong action plan for - to avoid your ERP shutdown time and possible rollbacks, if things are not going as expected. Additional considerations should be given to the situation when you have third party or custom-made modules: reports, integrations, EDI, etc. Let's review what you should expect:

1.ERP annual maintenance plan. Nowadays software industry deploys this practice, when your purchase of MRP system just opens the door to ERP implementation, following support, access to newest versions, etc. Naturally, all these benefits have a cost for software development company and they are typically translated to you in the form of ERP annual enhancement program. Check with your ERP partner that you are current in this plan

2.Cross-platform integrations upgrade. In our opinion, ERP customers spend extra funds in cross platform scenarios, such as when their Sales Order Processing system is hosted in Linux/PHP environment and ERP application is Microsoft SQL Server and Windows based, here you should also recognize that MRP upgrade process requires IT person or programmer, who is comfortable with both platform: UNIX and Microsoft Windows in our example

3.Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade scenarios. GP customizations, especially legacy ones were typically done in Great Plains Dexterity IDE and sanscript programming language. Reporting tools: FRx, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services or SRS, GP ReportWriter (where you modify such popular reports as SOP Blank Invoice Form) and Crystal Reports; eConnect opens the door to Microsoft Visual Studio .Net C# or VB developer to the realm of GP objects: customers, vendors, employees, GL transactions, Sales and Vendor Invoices

4.ERP rollback rescue. Obviously, we are optimists, however we should consider contingency plans, where we roll back to old positions. In the case of corporate ERP version update, rollback may cause substantial business opportunity loss

5.Switching from one ERP to another. When you have been operating on ERP A, it is not easy to switch to ERP B as it typically triggers fullscale data conversion and migration, employee retraining, custom logic reprogramming

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