Quick and Easy Online Trojan Scan and Repair

By: Daryl Moore

If online Trojan scan and repair is a necessity for you, follow the steps in this article to get your computer fixed and running like new again in 10 minutes or so.

Trojan viruses are incredibly difficult to remove due to the way they disguise themselves on computers. They are usually hidden in spyware and adware and are missed by most virus scan products. The most effective way to do Trojan scan and repair is to utilize a quality software program.

It is advised to avoid free products that can attach even more spyware and adware on your system (through your permission in the End User License Agreement). There is always a cost to free!

If you are considering doing the removal on your own, make sure that you have good experience with exe (executable) files or you could be causing yourself more trouble than its worth in the long run. It is always an extremely inefficient use of your time.

If you are not so sure that online Trojan scan and repair is needed, the list below will share some common symptoms, though there are many more:

1. Randomly opening files
2. Slow, crashing, or freezing computer problems exist
3. Redirection to websites you didn't request
4. Your normal home page is substituted with an adult site or others
5. Automatically loaded Tool bars and pop-ups are placed on your system
6. Mouse cursor leaves a shadow or the functions of the buttons on the mouse are reversed
7. Start up and other buttons on the PC fade
8. Your computer shuts off or reboots on its own
9. Alt + Control + Delete does not work properly (if at all)
10. Your internet is slow and annoying

No matter if you think that online Trojan scan and repair is necessary, it is always a good idea to have a spyware and adware protection software on your system at all times. Cyber-thieves are working 24 hours a day to figure out to annoy you and steal your personal information. You should have software that fights back.

If you are ready for an online Trojan scan and repair, this article will detail the tasks vital to getting your PC running correctly again in the least amount of time.

Step One: Write Down all of the Challenges You Are Having on Your PC

This step serves the sole purpose of giving you a measure both before and after repair so that you can track your results. This will also let you know if additional resources are needed to get you 100 percent repaired, though a good spyware and adware software should make a huge difference.

Just jot down any problems you have noticed on your computer. Whether it be slow computer problems, slow internet, or any of the symptoms above, write it down. Include when it happens most often and if only under certain users.

After the final step of this process, go back and check the results against your list.

Step Two: Take Advantage of a Free Online Trojan Scan Software

There are a number of great adware spyware uninstall products that offer free scans. The goal for choosing such a product is to aim for one that offers a good sized definitions database of 250,000 items or more. This is a solutions database that can match problems on your computers to logged definitions in the database to detect and remove the problems.

What Features are Important?

When choosing a an anti spyware program to utilize, locate one that offers ease in download and use (so you can use without help files), one that contains detailed help files (either local or online), a product with an extensive definitions (solutions) database, and be sure to use Google or other search engines to search the product by name to ensure that there are good reviews and very little negative written about the software. Obviously you will find a few disgruntled users who want a miracle cure for the abuse their PC has taken over time, but just make sure that there is not a huge amount of negative mentions.

Step Three: If Threats are Found Just Invest in the Repair Utility of the Same Product

This step is easy. The time consuming part was locating, downloading and utilizing the free scan of the software. Now the only goal is to purchase the software and complete the repair. A scan result page will pop up that will display threat category, level of severity, and should provide complete details about the threat type.

Even if lots of errors are not found at this time, you will still want the ongoing protection offered, as mentioned earlier. The software used for online Trojan scan and repair can also remove malware, keyloggers, worms, pop-ups, and additional threats that have infected your computer. It is always a great idea to scan at least weekly to keep the nasty items off your PC.

I would not be too insistent on getting real-time protection. The challenge that most products that include real time function is the huge demand they place on your system resources, loading down the speed of the computer, especially when combined with general virus scan and registry cleaners. They decrease your computer speed on their schedule, not yours.

Place your attention on locating software with a huge definitions database, again, with at least 250,000 files. This will increase your chances of locating and eliminating errors the first time around.

After completing online Trojan scan and repair, reboot your computer to see the changes. Compare your initial list to your new results. Threats are ongoing on your system, so with your software purchase you can now stay on top of the new infections being added to your computer. Still, you should see a noticeable difference in performance and the speed of your computer.

If challenges still exist, try another repair round. You can also add a few other types of software that will serve as a good all around system protection including registry repair software, general virus scanning software, and of course spyware and adware software. If one product makes a great difference, just think what multiple levels of protection and repair can do for you?

Online Trojan scan and repair is that easy. You will have the job done in under 10 minutes.

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