Watch TV on Computer Free -best Free Way to Get TV on Computer

By: Robert Kamau

How can you watch live and free Internet TV on your Computer

Nowadays TV streaming on the internet is a big thing that uses high speed broadband connection.

Using free online Tv websites to watch free and live TV on computer

There are free TV websites that you can simply log into and watch internet Tv. However these are faced with a huge global demand for TV via Internet and the servers are unable to cope. The result is an erratic transmission of TV signals with frequent interruptions.

Connecting your Computer to free Internet TV by PCTV Cards

The other way of watching online Tv on your computer involves the installation of a PC TV card. This is a more reliable method of getting satellite TV on PC. You will however require a computer technician and an external aerial to be able to watch the free to air Tv channels.

Hook up your Computer to internet TV by Satellite TV Softwares

The most popular way of accessing satellite TV on the internet is by downloading a PCTV Software to your computer. These are simple Web TV computer softwares that are programmed to access world wide television networks available on the net. A great majoity of them offer more than 2,000 Tv channels and are cheap to buy and easy to download and install.

Where to get the satelyte TV softwares for computers

The satellite Computer TV softwares are readily vailable on the internet but caution is needed to avoid buying a scam PC software. Most of them however will deliver TV on your PC from different countries and in different languages. The biggest benefit of these online Tv softwares is that they are cheap and with a side variety of sports, geographical, movies and films, news from a plethora of countries.

Seeing it as it is by Watching Live Tv News and Sports on your computer

With the satellite computer softwares you can turn your PC or laptop into a mega-super-TV screen able to broadcast hundreds of TV stations. One of the main advantages of having PC on TV is that you are able to watch some of the never-seen-before footages of news and from a different perspective from mainstream, usually doctored and controlled Tv networks at home.

Watch home videos, News Channel Networks and Extreme Sports on PC

An example is having to watch the Iraq war or the Sudan Darfur crisis from the Aljazeera TV Network. Simply uncensored, uncut and told as it is. There are also some very interesting home videos that are available on satellite Tv on the PC. The range in extreme sports is overwhelming and you can watch the raw and traditional thai kick boxing or the Chinese practicing martial arts in monk temples.

The PC 2007 Elite Edition

One of the softwares that I have found to have the cheapest price and offers best DVD quality picture and sound is the PC 2007 Elite Edition. This software retails at $50 and is easily downloadable at any hour of day or night. It is a fraction higher in cost and offers 3,000 tv channels but it is well worth its value. Get to view a free trial demo of the software by following the links below.

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