Computers and Agriculture

By: Jesse Miller

Have you noticed that during the last tent to fifteen the market has been saturated with products from milk to meet? How is this possible? Since the implementation of computers into agriculture and farming, the productivity rating has increased exponentially. There are no more losses along the way and every process is carefully monitored by computers and optimized for best performances.

On farms, they have software that calculates the exact amount of time that it takes to milk a cow or the exact amount of food they need to provide to obtain a certain amount of milk from the cow. Even chickens have a special program by which they lay eggs and they feed. Every animal on the compound is carefully analyzed and taken care of to get the best performance out of them. So far, production has increased over 100% and because of this, the market is more than abundant with all kinds of products that guarantee to be fresh and nutritive.

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If you're thinking that this is the only sector where they use computers, you are sadly mistaken. Even corn fields are computerized. The exact amount of water is sprinkled everyday and pesticide is provided in carefully balanced quantities. To get the best results and the best corn, computers have been programmed to adapt to computer environment changes and take actions according the weather. It takes only a handful of men to take care of a farm and they don't necessarily have to be farmers. Computer engineers can handle a farm better than the old fashion farmer. Computers have changed the way we think and the way we eat. With an exponential increase in population, food has been a top priority and the use of computers in farming allows to keep everyone feed, thus avoiding starvation and god know what.

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