Computers and the Army

By: Jesse Miller

Since the early beginnings, computers have been used by the army to ensure strategic defenses over enemy troops. They have used computers to decipher secret messages and also to encrypt friendly communications.

The army has always found new way to use computers so that they can guarantee the best performances for their equipments. They use satellite images and computer generated images to keep track of targets and vehicles. Rockets have been retrofitted with computers and a computer chip so that no target could elude them. Even tanks and armored vehicles have a computer on board that provides them with the precise location where they are and the location of the designated target.

Computers have proven useful while in the service of the military forces and they have been implemented in every aspect of the military life. For instance, computers based scenarios, are made when planning an assault on a specific target and according the result, commanders decide if the operation can be deployed or not.

Even soldiers are trained in simulators that are governed by computers. They care tested to see if they can handle extreme conditions, such as stress. There is no limit to the ways a computer can e used and the army will ever stop using it. After all, most of the technological developments have been because of computers.

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Along with every development in the military technology, even computers had something to gain Because of the increased demands for more processing power; companies produce more powerful processors by the day. This is like a vicious circle, the more powerful the processor, the more powerful and dangerous the weapon will be. There is no telling when army technology will ever stop at this rate.

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