Talk About Real Life Drama

By: Atty. Gabriel Cosh

The latest crave in our society right now are those television shows depicting real life situations, without the benefit of a director or trained actors. This is called “reality tv," so real in fact that more often than not the life of the persons involved in the drama are already subjected to danger that would not have otherwise been caused if the plot was not adopted in such a way.

Reality television has a constant following, owing to its non-dogmatic approach, dynamic turn of events, and unexpected twists and turns that even those who produced such show never expected to really happen. This fact also makes reality tv shows prone to accidents and physical injuries to those people who are subjected to said antics.

Producers of this type of entertainment usually make a disclaimer that all the participants in the series are all taken cared of, and all the necessary precautions to avoid injury are actually set-up. They even go to the extent of producing waivers originating from participants thereof that any act made by them contrary to what the producers have set as delimitations to the program are considered as acts of the participants themselves, and that the program would never be held accountable thereof.

Suffice it to say, reality television in its young age has already caused injuries to countless individuals, which would have been avoided if program was not started in the first place. Do not get us wrong, reality television is actually one of the greatest innovations in this medium of entertainment, and we acknowledge how it dynamically turned this medium what it is today. But as like all good things, those that are done to the extremes may cause irreparable injury at an even greater height.

If you were a victim of a physical injury brought about by these types of entertainment, please feel free to obtain the services of the Mesriani Law Group. We would also like to proffer that any waiver of damages accustomed from the negligence of the producers of the show, or the circumstance upon which the show was placed is not valid, notwithstanding you signing the same it is not binding as a contract since its consideration is illegal. Even entertainment has its limits, life can never be the ultimate sacrifice.

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