Php Post Nuke Advantages----from a User's Point of View

By: Fat Jack

Content management systems----these days you find them in stacks---well, almost. But few of them are user friendly in the true sense of the term. But you can not bring this allegation against PHP Post Nuke content/ interactive portal management system, you certainly can not.

Started as one of the forks of PHP Nuke, PHP Post Nuke is undoubtedly the more stable and more secure content management solution. By the virtue of being open source, it supports a far more democratic developers' community and that gets reflected in its feature list and modules. If the user's perspective is the best way of judging the merit of any product, then you get a rather long list of praise-worthy features from the horse's mouth. Here is just the gist of them:

&bullUnder the GPL license you can download the application easily and step-by-step and for free.

&bullIt provides you the easiest solution for setting up a site that allows for community posting, internal messages system between users, ability to publish News articles, post comments against articles, display of messages to specific groups on the site, review anything, search your site for a specified word or phrase.

&bullIt is also provided with Permissions control feature that allows certain members access to add downloads, but not administrate any other part of the website. This feature also makes it possible to create a subscriber based website where subscribers are entitled to receive added functionalities.

&bullIt also allows the user to control the look and feel of the site through a flexible and user friendly theme system. This can be done by changing HTML and not PHP code.

&bullThe system comes with built in catching resulting into higher speed for your web site and better value for money for the end users.

&bullThe compliancy to W3C guidelines enables the users to get maximum out of your site on their browsers.

&bullThe banners module helps the clients of your website get the click counts, and logins for their banner ads placed on the website.

&bullWhat the site-owners find most encouraging about PHP Post Nuke is its large support and developer's community spread across the world. Thus bugs are fixed and problems are solved at the speed of lightning and thus the end users are served with flawless internet experience.

The success of your website depends on traffic and volume of traffic depends on what the end users get from your site. As such, A PHP Post Nuke site is a surefire way of pulling traffic to your site. But for that first you have to make sure that your web hosting account supports the PHP- Nuke system.

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