Free Password and Id Manager

By: Brian Binns

Every time I come across a free piece of software that is actually very useful I will always recommend it and fits the bill easily!

How often do you sign up to a membership site, control panel or anything were you must enter a login name and password & when you get there and enter your details you get "wrong ID" or "password incorrect" you know the usual stuff, you have forgotten them, so you search your emails or hard drive to find out where you stored the login information.

I used to be terrible keeping my login information until I got the free software Affiliate ID Manager, I am not sure why they call it an Affiliate Manager as not only can you use it for your affiliate logins, but you can use it for anything.

For instance I use mine for eBay logins, membership logins in fact anything that needs a login name and password you can use it for.

Setup is simplicity itself, you just download the software to your desktop or any other folder and run it, the first time you ever use it, you will be asked for a password and once you have entered it this password will be needed every time you open it, so make sure if you get it, that you use a memorable pass word or if you forget it, you will be unable to use it again unless you redownload it and start over again.

Nowadays, whenever you purchase a new product, you're given new login details. Whenever you join a new affiliate program, you are given ?new affiliate details. How about your web hosting accounts, autoresponder accounts and other membership sites?

All these login details are kept safely for you by Affiliate ID Manager

Even if you have purchased ID management software to manage all your IDs, how about other information like the cloaked urls, tracking IDs, payment plans and payment currencies of the various programs you are promoting? Where do you keep all those information? With Affiliate ID Manager, you can manage all your IDs, passwords, links and other relevant details in one secured software.

Some of the features are

Categorize your IDs in different groups.

Save more than 10 different details, including the login name, password, login link, cloaked link, tracking link, payout info etc.

'Customizable' fields to save any other detail you wish to store.

The software is protected by a Master Login Password so that no one will have access to your details.

Password managing software can cost you money but why buy one or even search for one when you can get this manager free!

You can read more about Affiliate ID Manager and see screen shots of it

Enjoy it and I hope it saves you time and is very useful for you.

Goodbye for now

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