The Role of Teens in Modern Technology

By: Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav

A teen wants to make a significant change in a world where grown-ups are expected to do this or that. A modern teen wants to break away from the usual norms of the society by making an active role in improving the world. He or she wants to make a fundamental contribution to attain peace, economic growth and of course, their own dreams. It may be too forceful to act too mature by pretending to be a grownup, but there's actually an easy way for a teen to make a noteworthy contribution to the society and that it through modern technology.

It is of course a known fact that before modern technological gadgets like a computer came into the market, the teens usually have to suffer spending time in using their parent's typewriters. One can only imagine the frustration of a teen when he or she mistypes a letter and had to halt the work in order to get a liquid eraser just to get rid of a single letter. It is also safe to assume that after the work has been done, a lot of trash can be seen on the floor. Crumpled papers, torn carbon papers and wrinkled typewriter ribbons can be seen casually strewn on the floor. After hours of typing just a couple of papers, and they're all set. Now, this is something an active teen wants to do on a Saturday night!

The nightmare is over, thanks to the emergence of the ever reliable personal computers! With just a click of a mouse and a push of a button, a single mistake is solved. No more frustrated tears and bloodied hands from too much force in typing. The new age of technology is here!

If that's not enough, the teens have the privilege of using the Internet. If one can remember, it used to be a communication strategy for the military where they can send information even if they are from a far off place in secret. Now that this technology is passed to the younger generation, then a plethora of opportunities have emerged. The internet, in fact, has entirely changed the perception of a teen. It is because the teen has a new role to accomplish, to improve the quality of education in their respective schools. The use of internet to check updated information on current issues makes the teen more updated with the latest in the world. No more rushing to the library to get outdated information from old books, the internet is the modern library for teens!

Another technological device that was passed on to the teens was the ever reliable device, the mobile phone! The device comes from different shapes and sizes, each boasting its own spectacular features. This gadget makes it easier for teens to communicate with each other, with their loved ones and their respective local authorities in case something bad happens. An urgent call to 911 just to save someone's life is a big role for a teen. Remember, way back, teens are forbidden to go out at night because there's no way to contact them. Here's the answer, the mobile phone.

For most teens, the emergence of modern technology is like the best gift for their generation. In fact, these modern devices inspire them to make a significant contribution to the society. However, just like anything else, there's a bad side of it if it's not used for the better good. These gadgets can be addicting to the point that one doesn't have the desire to go to school anymore because the latest video games are now available in computers or that the mobile phones are used to communicate with friends who just want to skip school and will try to encourage the teen to skip school too.

It is at this point that teens should be aware of what their true roles are in the society.
It is not to be a headache to the grownups but rather to be the implementers of meaningful change.

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