Science and Technology in National Development

By: marughu daniel

??? There is no doubt that science and technology,has led to the development of our great country and indeed the whole world.In order to understand the contribution of science to national development,I will like to define science and technology.

???What is science? Science is the study of knowledge which can be made into a system and ussually depends on seeing and testing facts and stating general laws.Technology on the other hand is the pratical application of scientific?knowledge or inventitions to the solving of everyday problems or facilitating tedious human activities.

??? The product of science and technology has contributed to the development of countries such as,america,japan,china and to an extent in some african countries.

? Through this application,scientific knowledgable?proffessionals,have been able to invent equipments and machines being used in industries and even in our homes, in addition to this science and?technology has helped in easing stress,brought by the movement of goods and people from one place to another,by inventing easy transportational?equipments like automobiles,aircrafts and so on.

? Furthermore,science and technology has helped in the area of medicine.Some natural herbs converted to drugs with?the?aid of morden equipment and?these drug are used in our hospitals and pharmacies.

?Moreover,rural communities are transformed to urban settelements?through science and technology. This is made?possible through the availlability of electricty,pipeborne water,good road,schools,hospitals and other social amenities.which makes these places developed,by an increased population.

?Equally?important is the fact that science and technology has helped in? making work more eaiser for people to do through the invention of computers and?household machinaries, it has also made communication faster, through the use of mobile phones,televisions,radio,uesd in communication.

? Science and technology has?aided so many sectors of the economy such as the advertising sector,sports and fitness (weight loss), transportation,and so on.

In conclusion,science and technology,has played an impotant and vital role, inthe development of this great nation and the wide-world.

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