How to Erase your Internet History Tracks?

By: IC

Identity theft is one of the major problems in United States and hackers are always looking for your personal identity including your banking information and social security number. Hackers are making huge money from these personal information and particularly credit card and banking information. Whatever you do on your computer, a history of the work is stored in your computer and others can easily assess that so it is necessary for you to protect your identity and the relevant information. You need to be very much careful while doing work on Internet especially if you are sharing some credit card, banking or other personal information. Internet eraser software makes your task easy as the software quickly erases the personal information from cache and thus makes the task difficult and practically impossible for hackers.

Internet eraser software is available from various sources and the software is also available free of cost at various websites, however a premium software is available in the range of $20 - $40. The premium version of Internet Eraser Software comes with many features and is compatible with all the operating systems. The most important task of Internet Eraser Software is to erase the browser cache files, erase windows secret dat.files, erase browser cookies, erase recycle bins, erase windows temporary directories, erase auto complete site addresses, erase browser history logs, erase user selected directories, erase browser favorites, free space on hard disks and prevents various websites from improperly changing the home page. Most of the Internet Eraser software also ensures that your computer runs fast and it uninstall or reinstall the files or directories quickly.

Internet eraser software is therefore quickly erases the Internet browser history and Internet bar history and ensures that your personal information is quickly erased. These tools are therefore necessary not only to protect your personal information but for the smooth running of your PC as some of the features of it also help in fast running of the computer. In present time, when the Internet theft is at the highest peak, it is necessary to protect our personal information especially social security number, banking and credit card information. Internet eraser software is best available tool that helps us in protecting our identity and we all should have suitable Internet eraser software installed in our computer.

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