Quality Digest Online Reviews e-Kanaban vs. Paper

By: Thomas R. Cutler
Quality Digest, one of the respected quality themed publications, just published (July 7, 2005) a critical feature article about the role of e-kanban, titled, “e-Kanban Proves Paper isn’t Lean" by Thomas R. Cutler, the nations’ leading manufacturing journalist.

The online feature may be located at:

Cutler interviewed Datacraft Solutions’ key principles since the company is the marketshare leader in the e-kanban arena. The role of e-kanban in a lean initiative focused manufacturing organization is profiled and compared to the deep deficiencies experienced with the paper or card kanban.

Datacraft Solutions (www.datacraftsolutions.com) delivers a revolutionary e-kanban process of automation solutions to lean manufacturers through a secure Internet gateway, eliminating the need to install and maintain a complex IT infrastructure. The company has experienced 1000% growth in the past twelve months by eliminating complicated, expensive, time-intensive software implementations as well as extensive training regiments and the need for internal support. The Datacraft Solutions' e-kanban lean system allows customers access and fully utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee. Services are scalable so manufacturers can design an appropriate e-kanban solution.

Thomas R. Cutler is the CEO of TR Cutler, Inc. (www.trcutlerinc.com) based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Cutler authors more than 200 articles annually and is the founder of the Manufacturing Media ConsortiumBusiness Management Articles, consisting of 2000+ journalists writing about trends in the manufacturing sector.

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