Escape Velocity Systems' President Evan Garber Talks Haccp

By: Thomas Cutler

Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) ( recently announced that food (formula-based) manufacturing operations are increasingly focused on technology solutions that will help meet regulatory and compliance issues.

According to EVS President, Evan Garber, "What food manufacturers want, O2 (the EVS manufacturing software solution) was designed to meeting the regulatory and compliance issues facing our customers. From customer specifications and formula engineering / costing to production, quality control, regulatory reporting and security, EVS present a complete system for managing the entire business cycle. O2 has the tools necessary to eliminate the "islands of data" that many companies find exist in formulation, quality control, planning and production departments, and to make the entire enterprise visible to those who are making daily critical decisions and responsible for issues from BioTerrorism to HACCP."

Key features of EVS Food Process Manufacturing include:

&bullEnterprise level formula, lab, production and MSDS / Compliance reporting system
&bullDynamically generate compliance (SARA, HAPS, MSDS) reporting
&bullCatch weight (dual unit of measure) functionality enabled throughout O2 and MAS500 inventory / distribution
&bullFull featured formula manufacturing software with lot attributes, QC control and more
&bullFormula and production batch security
&bullUnlimited nutritional and chemical lot attributes with calculations and formula rollups
&bullScreen level customizability using MAS500 Customizer
&bullSeamless MRP integration
&bull21 CFR 11b Auditing and Security
&bullFull featured Quality Control with test batteries and multiple readings per test

There are other important functionalities that support food manufacturing audits and quality assurance but are not a direct response to the Bioterrorism Act. The depth of food manufacturing installations is also critical. Many ERP vendors, having secured one or two food manufacturing clients, suddenly claim expertise in the sector. This technique is a clever use of "packaging" and marketing; however, true lot-traceability solutions are just the beginning for truly committed vendors in this sector. EVS is one of the most experienced Food ERP vendors.

The bottom line is that documentation of lot traceability is not an option - it's now the law. According to Garber there are key lot traceability functions that are essential but are lacking in many of the ERP vendors claiming market segmentation competency. Critical functions include:

Full tracking of raw material lots through manufacturing
Full tracking of finished-good lots through shipment to customer
Complete reporting on lot genealogy, showing all usage of lots in from vendor, through manufacturing job, and to end user
Ability to query end-user sales order and see all raw material and finished good lots used for specific shipment
Ability to query lot from vendor or manufacturing and see all end users to which lot is shipped
Ability to track lot properties with allowable "criteria" for each lot

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