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Little Hearts ,little Voices

By: Hemant Pandey
How can I ever think of it?
When I know its all bloody-bull shit!
I defied the every thought
But heart won every battle I fought (with it)

What did the voice conveyed
little things & more thoughts!
Things said meant nothing
Whatever told, silence & heart!

Submitted By-
Hemant Pandey
16/732, Indira Nagar, Lucknow.
Uttar Pradesh - 226016(Pin)India
Mobile No. +91-9336705954,


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About The Author, Hemant Pandey

&bullMathematics teaching and writing
&bullCurrently working as a faculty for IIT JEE for T.I.M.E. institute.
&bull Earlier worked with trivaag, a pioneer institute for engineering entrance preparation in
Lucknow.Worked as a faculty and writer for a textbook of solutions of IIT JEE paper 2006. Also
prepared animations for presentation work in class room.
&bullWorked for prestigious City Montessori School [CMS] as a faculty and content developer. Also prepared notes on all possible types of questions for grade 12 (Mathematics). Sample attached
&bullPresently working with Amelox College Tutor USA California on a text book of grade 12 of students of USA.
&bullHad an accepted paper for publication in Applied mathematics and computation, an Elsevier journal. Cite in press as P Vs NP ...are they same? Nov. 27.

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