What Are The Advantages Of A Rental Property Tax Deduction?

By: Michael Williams

So many advantages are available to those who are working as a landlord on rental property in the form of the rental property tax deduction. Rent, payment to cancel a lease, expenses paid by the renter and many other things can be part of the amounts you can claim under the tax deduction. Taking a closer look at some of these we can see a bit fuller picture of the benefits of claiming a tax reduction on your return.

One of the claims included in the tax deduction is interest. What kind of interest exactly can include mortgage interest payments and interest on credit card payments used purchase anything that may be related to rental purposes. Coming down to it, this is the biggest amount that can be claimed under the tax reduction.

A few other items included in the rental property tax deduction include depreciation and repairs. As far as depreciation is concerned it can be claimed from year two of occupancy and up to 27.5 years from there. Repairs must be conducted within the same year of the deduction and must include ones that are necessary, ordinary and reasonable only. This excludes capital improvements though.

Another way to take advantage of the deduction is claiming expenses related to travel. This includes any expenses when traveling to rental property for purposes of talking to the residents or for any repairs. It can also include any expenses that might be needed for the landlord to travel to different repair companies or the likes in order to gain an estimate.

There may be something to claim when it comes to a home office if the landlord uses part of their home for their office. Also losses can be claimed under tax reduction when a fire or flood causes any. This is related to the amount of insurance a landlord has. Speaking of insurance, premiums can also be claimed under the rental property tax deduction.

Another option that is available for claiming under the reduction is services. This can include anything from attorney's fees to providing washing machines and driers for the residences use. Along with these there are some that can't be claimed, such as loss of rental income that is caused by vacancy, anything paid out for modifications (includes adding a room), new appliances, fencing and new roofs.

Now that you are fully aware of the advantages of benefits that you could now receive in relation to your property, it's time to get started. Rental property tax deduction is well worth it in the end to find out what and how you can qualify.

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