Term Life Insurance | What is Term Life Insurance?

By: Manuel Zarate

Of all the different options available in the market today, term life insurance is the least expensive and most commonly purchased type of safety policy. This type of insurance policy is purchased against the death of the insured for a particular period of time, generally a particular number of years. At the end of this 'term' your policy coverage will stop only when you decide to renew it. Term life insurance is the perfect and the best way to provide protection to you and your loved ones for the future. This insurance policy is affordable by everyone who has a fixed budget.

Different types of term policies are available in the market today; with the information given below you will be able to understand them more clearly. Annual Renewable Term life policy is one of the most popular forms of insurance policy which is much in demand today. This policy can be got at a low cost; it is very affordable life insurance policy and is very popular especially among young people. The death benefit is for a period till the term of the policy exists and it is used mostly to pay off debts in the event of your death.

Another policy is Decreasing Term Life policy which works well for protecting a mortgage on your house. As the name itself says, this policy decreases the death benefit each year it remains in power. Many people prefer this type of coverage as an ideal one as it helps to pay the house payment upon their death, removing the financial burden from the existing spouse. A person can also get term life for any specific period of time depending on the needs of person buying the policy.

5 and 10 year term life policies provide coverage for a specific period of time only. The premium provided by these types of policies can be got at a reasonable price and they are non-renewable. Whereas in the case of 15-Year to 30-Year Term Life allows you to pick the length of time that you need coverage for. Now a day's every family needs cash to fulfill his regular day to day life and his future expenses. In this case he should go for 25 year term policy; this policy will fulfill his needs perfectly.

Term life policies are the least costly insurance policies available in today's market as you are purchasing insurance only. Whereas in case of other insurance policies like the whole life insurance policy, you have to also purchase an investment component. These investments are also known as retirement saving by many whole life insurance policies. On the other hand still there are many people who don't prefer term life insurance policy to be the ideal policy as it does not provide coverage for the entire duration of your life. But if you only want to protect the financial future of your loved ones for the least cost in the event of your death, term life is your best choice.

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