Caring for Customers - Washington Mutual

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

There are times when the term mutual can be distinctly misleading. Take the case of the Washington Mutual. This term is the name does not have any connection to any mutual funds company and it is not a credit union. The Washington Mutual is actually a bank. This bank does business with both small and large customers. While many of its clients are average people, there are times when small banks conduct their business transactions with this bank too.

While this bank was founded in 1889, it has consistently given the best service that is possible to its many clients. During June 2005 Washington Mutual became known as the sixth largest bank in the US. The many assets which were valued at this time period showed a value of about $350.7 billion US dollars.

The services that Washington Mutual provides to its customers is that of insurance services, consumer lending, credit card services, consumer investment services, commercial real estate mortgage, retail banking, business lending, mortgage lending, business banking. To help its customers Washington Mutual opened 2,600 mortgage lending, retail banking, financial services offices and commercial banking in June 2006.

Now even though Washington Mutual Bank is the sixth largest bank in the US it is the sole surviving major Seattle based bank. The other banks which operated in Seattle all become parts of various banking mergers. In addition to these branches of the Washington Mutual Bank there are various subsidiaries.

These are Washington Mutual Insurance Services, WM Financial Services, and Washington Card Services. Together with all of these services the Washington Mutual Bank is able to provide all of its customers with the requirements and services that want.

The current headquarters of Washington Mutual is called the WaMu Center. This center is located in the downtown area of Seattle. The building where the bank was earlier located still stands a block away from the new headquarters. This building is known as the Washington Mutual Tower.

As part of its desire to help its customers this bank has numerous customer friendly services. These services include free ATM withdrawals, one free overdraft per year, free checks for life, three cents given back to customers on their debit card, free outgoing international and domestic wire transfers.

The official slogan of Washington Mutual is "The WaMu Way". By the way Washington Mutual began using its abbreviated form as the official company name abbreviation in all forms other than the legal point. For all of its customers Washington Mutual is a bank that cares about the people whom they serve.

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