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By: Richard Gilliland

Apart from the common everyday cards, Bank of America has launched many specialized credit cards in the market including reward cards, popular cards, sports cards, cards for charitable purposes, business cards, outdoor and recreation cards, college and university cards, cards for various professional and military cards.

The Bank of America - US Airways Visa Signature credit card is appropriate for the traveler who flies frequently with the US Airways?. The card is an assurance for a hassle-free business or leisure trip and thereby ensures the traveler mental peace. It also promises the traveler a range of exciting benefits.

Benefits Of The Card

The US Airways Visa Signature credit card provides assistance, insurance, discounts and miles, protection, and many other benefits. The signature benefits include bonus miles for spending a dollar on qualifying purchases.

By making a purchase with the US Airways, you gain double miles.

Upgrading is possible for an unlimited number of times. The cardholders are awarded a US Airways club pass, preferred check in and boarding, 24-hour concierge service, no preset limit for spending on purchases and companion tickets that are competitively priced.

Other Benefits

The Bank of America - US Airways Visa Signature offers the cardholders dining privileges, special service offers and hotel upgrade through its preferred travel program.

You can also receive benefits like a large credit line, 25000 bonus miles on making your first purchase with the card and no mileage cap. The card does offer an interest-free introductory period for the first six months. The above the average interest rate (at the end of this initial period) and the slightly high annual fee is well compensated by travel discounts and free reward flights; however, under no circumstances will it be advisable for you to carry any balance.

The card also offers protection to the cardholders through its total security protection package, legal and medical referrals, lost luggage replacement, replacement of lost tickets and travel accident insurance worth a maximum of one million dollars.

The traveler will find the Bank of America - US Airways Visa Signature very beneficial and supportive. There are some extra blessings provided by the credit card like access to online banking, convenience checks at no additional charge, annual account summaries and the immediate access to a number of world wide ATMs.

The Plus Points

The credit card has more facilities on offer like auto rental insurance, purchase protection, optional mini card, many travel and emergency assistant services, no liability for the unauthorized Internet transactions, optional personal photo on card and many more.

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