Networking with Ezines

By: Alvin Davis


More and more business professionals are deciding to offer an
ezine as a way of building online credibility. Those same people
have interesting networking opportunities with the subscribers
of their ezines ? especially if they understand that their
Subscribers are professionals who all have similar interests.

Now, there are not many avenues open for subscribers to network
with ezines.

This holiday season would be a great time to set up a network
between subscribers and ezines that could be the start of a
whole new online marketing strategy for 2002.

Here's a system that can double your subscriber base and help
your subscribers in return: NETWORKING with EZINES 2002

A way to consistently reward your network is to turn your
networking efforts into networking systems (in other words,
developing strategic marketing alliances).

If you and your
alliance share a similar target market, you can effectively
cross-promote or share markets with each other.
And while there are as many different forms of systematized
networking out there as there are businesses, nothing is
quite as effective as "Network Marketing" in it's purest form.

This system will work like this:

- Ezine Publishers will run this article. They can also join the
- Subscribers will read the article and join the network.
- Subscribers will refer friends to the network and the ezines.
- Subscribers and publishers will use the AUTOMATED
MLM HITS to their downline more.
- Subscribers can network with their own growing downline.
- If the Ezines join the network, they can promote the network
in each issue.
- Ezines will grow and build the network even further for them
and the subscribers MUTUAL BENEFITS!

It's an infinite circle that could Crash the server hosting the
network :) Let's Hope!

Learn to Network in 2002!
Increase Income, cut costsArticle Search, and put an end to SPAM!

Permission is given to copy and forward this article to other
ezine publishers and anyone you know.


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