How to Get Free Electronics

By: Eldridge Williams

I have always ignored sites on the internet that offered FREE electronics or other expensive items, Such as plasma tv's, laptops, i-phones, i-pods, digital cameras, Xbox 360 and other costly items.

In my mind I thought it could not be true, there has to be a catch. More often than not I thought that the reason I am being offered this very attractive FREE offer is that it will be extremely difficult or impossible for me to get the Free gift that is promised.

This lead to me doing some research on how and why many businesses are offering these expensive electronic gifts for FREE. I already understood that this was a form of advertising. What I did not understand was how beneficial this form of advertising or marketing is to everyone involved. Let me explain.

Every day businesses spend millions of dollars advertising their product or services. Advertising is not a option for most businesses, they must advertise in order to survive. When a business spends money on advertising they are trying to get noticed by as many people as possible.

You have to consider that even when their advertisment is seen by many people, only a small fraction of the people that see the advertisment become paying customers. This makes it very challenging and costly to get new customers.

The incentive offer of giving away a FREE name brand expensive electronic gift helps to solve this problem. For Example, let's say that a business called (XYZ Books) needs more customers, in other words they want to sell more books.

Since advertising is so expensive, they hire a marketing company not just to advertise for them, but to actually deliver to them paying customers and or customers to try them on a free trial basis.

What makes this arrangement so good for (XYZ Books) is that instead of paying the marketing company just to advertise for them, which may not bring in any customers, (XYZ Books) pay them based on the actual customers they help them get.

And many times this customer is trying (XYZ) Books on a free trial basis which is good for the customer because it gives them a opportunity to cancel within that FREE trial if they should choose to do so.

In the mean time the marketing company has already acquired from the manufacterer or distributor an expensive FREE electronic item like a plasma tv, iPod, Xbox 360 etc......

Now this is where the fun begins. The marketing company offers the potential customer an expensive name-brand electronic gift for FREE if they would do Two things.

(1) Make a purchase from (XYZ Books) or try them on a free trial basis.
(2) Refer some people to do the same thing.

Now, let us tie it all together. The customer want or would like to have an expensive electronic item like a laptop, plasma tv, etc.....So they make a purchase from (XYZ Books) or try them on a free trial basis. The customer refers some people to do the same thing, of course keep in mind they do not have to do try the same offers, they will be given a choice.

There you have it! Everybody wins, (XYZ Books) gets more customers to try them. The marketing company is paid very well by (XYZ Books) for every customer that trys (XYZ Books). The customer now owns a name brand expensive electronic gift that would normally cost them hundreds of dollars.

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