Forex Traiding Crash Course

By: Jacques Eskena

If you have read our previous article, then you will already be familiar with some of the principles we talked about such as the fact that Forex is indeed the very largest financial industry in the world, so huge in fact that is 3 times as larger as both the Stock and Futures market combined. In today's article, we will go over some of the tangible advantages that Forex represents in terms of potential and above all accessibility.

Accessibility is indeed a driving force particularly of beginners or traders with limited start up funds.

Indeed in this article, we will show how it is possible to become a Forex trader with as little as $250. In later articles, we will also introduce the notion of leverage and how with a limited startup deposit, you can multiply your earning potential by a factor of 200. (Meaning that if you had $500 available as a deposit you would, through leverage be able to buy and sell $10,000 worth of currency! But we will leave this for later.)

Today we will answer the questions that is most asked:

Why Should You even Want to Trade Foreign currencies?

The answer to that question, I must confess is one of the reason why I talk so much about Forex, and indeed, why so many traders are currently well established in terms of financial stability and more.

Yes. The answer lies in the simple fact that no other industry allows even complete newbies with very little money to invest to get into a position where they too can achieve their financial goals, which ever they might be!

If you have ever walked through the streets of a city stock exchange district, one thing about all will have caught your attention! The display of power and money! Far from me the idea to lure anyone with promises of riches, fancy Italian sports car or even chauffeur driven Rolls Royce's but the truth is, if there is one market which makes it possible to have such toys, it is indeed the financial market! And the Foreign Exchange Market is even larger than that!

How much larger? Well, if you take the Stock and Futures markets, combine them together, take the result and multiply it by THREE, then you will have some idea of how larger Forex is!

Here are some reasons why you should consider Forex as a means to achieve your own financial goals:

• No government fees
• No clearing fees
• No commissions
• No brokerage fees
• No exchange fees

There are of course many other reasons and we will cover those in a different article such as Leverage, Free Accounts, Lots sizes and many more.

Forex Trading is an enormously profitable business, which as we have seen before doesn't require a great deal of start-up deposits (the money you need to have available in order to start buying and selling). Indeed, if this was like any other money market, chances are that most Forex traders who are successful in this industry might never been able to start!

But however profitable and attractive Forex is, you do not need to have the right tools at your disposal in order to succeed.

Forex Killer is one such tool!

Good Forex Tidings to you!

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