How to make money in stock and forex trading?

By: Yves Neault

I've been doing ForexTrading for the past 3 years and making money a lot.

I've tried a lot ofForex softwares and E-Books but they were very bad and

didn't help me butthe last 2 that i've tried and still running them are:


Doubling Stocks

I'm running these 2up front and making a lot of money.


Forex-killer softwarepackage is very intiuative and easy to use and understand.

Forex Killer providesyou the exact information you need to buy sell or hold like

no other software ortrading system currently available.

The package and thelearning videos really set the standards.

Anyone into tradingwill find this package a great tool and have alot of success with it.

Highly Recommended.

Be carefull of whatpeople are saying about it, some will say it's crap an others will say

it's good, for me, ihad to try it myself to be able to make any comment on it now i'm

running it and trustme it really works.

Don't let the ForexKiller homepage put you off. The Forex Killer sales page is way too

over pitched, we hopethe webmaster of Forex Killer does something about it, as we think

it scares customersoff rather than bring customers in.

The Software usesvarious mathematical algorithms to analyze when to buy and when to

sell foreigncurriencies. Forex Killer basically works by breaking down the percentage in

PIP change andcompute an ideal buy/sell timing. We find the software very user-friendly.

If you’ll use anytrading system before or any online trading platform to monitor movements,

you’ll find the userinterface to be quite similar except the buttons are a lot bigger.

Forex Killer is aMathematical Trading Software Package. Andreas Kirchberger, the creator,

designed thissoftware to generate trading signals based on statistical analysis from the

closing prices offoreign exchange currencies.

The software andcourse package is a completely mechanical and mathematically based

trading system. Interms of deciding entries, there is absolutely no discretion involved.

Entries are a clearcut, 100% mechanical Buy, Sell or No Trade.

To use it, you simplyinput the closing prices of the last 10 bars of whichever currency you

are trading in thetime frame you are trading in.

Once you’ve punchedin the numbers, you click on “Calculate" and you get a signal which

tells you either toBuy, Sell or Stay Out. It’s that simple to use.

From the last 10closing prices, Forex Killer will generate one of the following three signals:

No Trade

Trading has thepotential to make a lot of money with very little work, and Forex Killerreduces

that workload evenfurther. If you want a mechanical, mathematical trading system you have

found one in theForex Killer software.

You can even use itto confirm trades on your existing systems.

Forex Killer is oneof the simplest mathematical system software We’ve seen, and it’s a very goodtool to have in your trading toolbox!

We must admit, we aresimply awed at the simplicity of forex killer. We can't emphasise at how simpleit is to use.

Highly Recommended!

Forex-Killer HomePage:



Just in case you didnot already know, it is the first commercially available stock trading robotmade by the same guy in this case michael who made a similar stock tradingpicking robot for goldman sachs which is now responsible for the over $4billion in profits which they make.


So why should you trydoubling stocks

1. it is so easy to useto make money, all you have to do is to wait for the newsletter to come and itusually comes on the sunday of each week it might come late if there are notable to come up with any trades


2. you have a 56 dayguarantee, so you are free to try it out for almost 2months and if you still donot like it you are free to return it


3 it has been workingfor so many people why do you not want it to work for you?


4 Doubling StocksHome Page:


Doubling stocks isnot only a robot but it is also a newsletter, in fact you would be gettingtrade recommendations every sunday though it comes letter at times


Why would they agreeto charge for something like this


"they priced thenewsletter at $47.00 simply to ensure those who join are serious aboutinvesting in each stock pick".

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