How Prepaid Cell Phones Keep You Within Your Budget

By: Shelly Walther

Staying within a desired budget bracket on cell service can oftentimes be best completed by choosing a prepaid cell phone plan. Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to purchase minutes as you need them versus purchasing a particular amount and being required to pay for them whether they are used or not. For those customers who do not use a large amount of minutes in a month, having specific allotted minutes can be frustrating, and most expensive than necessary. If you are looking to lower your budget allotment for cell phone service, and stay more in control of your cell phone usage, prepaid cell phones may be just what you are looking for.

Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Through a prepaid cell phone plan you can purchase minutes as you need them versus being given a particular amount of minutes. One stipulation with certain prepaid phones is that you spend a minimum amount of money per month, or some other time-length. These minutes are beneficial because they can be saved from month to month, and used when you need them. You no longer have to pay for an allotted amount that expires at the end of the cycle. Certain carriers have some expiration agreements, but most do not. Basically, no matter what you’re spending, those minutes and options are yours to keep until you use them.

Although, it is important to remember that prepaid cell phone plans are not right for every customer, and there may be cell phone plans that offer a better deal for your particular needs. Certain carriers may offer lower rates and fees with a regular plan versus a prepaid plan, or they may offer special discounts. Depending on how you pay for your prepaid minutes, you can oftentimes get other discounts. If you plan to pay using your credit card you can sometimes get discounts on airtime. Using a credit card is not your only option for payment, but it is definitely one that can come with some added extras. Purchasing extra airtime minutes is typically very simple because many retailers and department stores offer prepaid cards, and sometimes through particular specials you can purchase airtime minutes for less than face value.

You are completely in charge of how much your phone costs you each month. You decide how much is in the budget for the month for cell phone minutes, purchase those minutes, and use them until they run out. At that point you can decide whether you can afford to add more, or if you’ll need to wait until the next month to refill your phone. Either way, no matter what you charge to your phone each month, you get that money all back in airtime minutes.

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