Real Estate Investing After Retirement

By: Kris Koonar

Retirement is a stage where a person stops working. This stage comes usually when a person reaches a certain pre-determined age, when physical aging does not permit the person to work any longer. Many people quit employment on their own too. It is usually in a period when you feel tired and need relaxation. The best way to relax is to invest in real estates after retirement. You can settle down in one of your favorite destinations in the world. Some of the factors that you need to consider are as follows:

. Location: location is one of the most important factors to consider, while planning to invest in real estate, post retirement. Make sure it is in close proximity to hospitals, restaurants, a post office, shopping malls and a police station. In order to find such a place, you may need to move about the area and search for local services that you will probably require in future. The location of retirement houses should always benefit both, you and your family. I f possible try to find a house near your relatives and friends.

. Design: Interiors play a significant role in a house. Try to invest in real estate where you get all necessary amenities such as laundry. Check the length and breadth of all the rooms.

. Services: Always try to figure out your specific requirements. Prepare a checklist of services you prefer to have near your house, such as home maintenance, nursing aids and other significant services.

Advantages of investing in real estate after retirement: More often than not, people keep away from investing in real estate after retirement. But, it offers a number of benefits such as follows:

. Ownership: Investing in real estate, post retirement offers a sense of ownership and belonging.

. Personal choice: It allows you to modify or decorate the house according to your preference. Conversely, if you rent a house, you will have to compromise on making alterations and decorations.

. Avoid paying rent: It will save you from paying high rent to your landlord. You can invest that money in something that interests you. Many people invest during their youth and by the time they grow old, they have paid all their installments. But you can also invest after your retirement and can live a luxurious life in your favorite city.

. Capital gains: The value of money will continue to increase over the years. In the post war period, the value of housing has increased over the rate of inflation. Investing in a real estate is considered to be a better alternative than considering the stock market. If you believe in planning long term, real estate investment is a favorable choice.

. Secure loans: The value of a house can be used against a secure loan. In case you are short of money, owning a property is an advantage. Generally, the loans taken against a home have a better rate of interest, as they are less risky. Mostly, home owners take the opportunity to re-mortgage and withdraw equity from the value of their house.

. Low interest rates: Though interest payments depend upon changes in the base rates, many economists believe that situation has become less volatile over the years. It keeps interest rates low, thereby making a mortgage more attractive.

. Rent a room: You can even rent a room, if you have spacious empty rooms and earn well.

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