Pre-Paid Wireless Plans End Outrageous Bills

By: John Miller

One of the latest crazes from cell phone service providers is the pre-paid wireless plan. This type of plan offers many benefits that are normally unavailable from a standard cell phone plan. Pre-paid wireless plans represent a flexibility that many people crave. On the flip side of the coin, pre-paid wireless plans often do not have the same perks a long-term contract will yield with a service provider.

Of course there is a good side to pre-paid cell phone service. In many cases cards are offered by cell phone service providers that are then used to buy airtime. The great advantage to these cards is that a customer can always purchase additional cards at the same price when more minutes are needed. You never have to worry about overage charges if you run out of minutes, or whether or not you're killing your peak minutes or not.

It is, however, important to regularly purchase new minutes when using a pre-paid wireless plan. Often the service providers require customers to repurchase your minutes at regular intervals. For example, a customer may be required to purchase new minutes every month, every two months, or every year. The exact schedule will depend on the plan and provider.

Another great advantage to pre-paid wireless plans is that many of the phones used with these plans will keep track of the plans elapsed minutes. Sometimes they have a display of the exact number of airtime minutes left on the current card. It may even display exactly the next new minute purchase should be made and how much these minutes will cost.

This type of wireless plan is great for people on the go. If being tied down by long-term contracts is unappealing, a pre-paid wireless plan is often the best choice. Additionally, the fact that credit checks aren't necessary for these plans is a plus for customers who have had credit problems.

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