Fight Adult Acne

By: Richard Sutter

Adults know the importance of washing their skin regularly. We're told from an early age that if we do not wash properly we can get acne. Unfortunately, we aren't told the 'proper' way to wash our faces. We're only told: "wash your face." If you're tired of struggling with adult acne, try this regime to see if it works for you!

Evening:You've had a long work day. You put your hands to your own face several times. Your make-up has worn thin. You feel tired, hot, sweaty, and exhausted. You walk through the door. Perhaps you don't even wash your face right away. Maybe you'll start making supper immediately for the kids. In order to fight adult acne, you need to take better care of your face. Take time out for you! Even if it is just a few moments:

1) Cleanse your skin: Never use cold water or hot water for that matter. Always wash your face with luke warm water. Hot and Cold water , when not blended - can cause broken capillaries in your face. There's no need to add soap. As most soaps include fragrance and chemicals that will only dry out your skin, making it appear very dull. Some cleansers even contain oil. This oil will dissolve natural oils in your skin, but their residue will clog pores, promoting excessive bacteria buildup in the pores.

2) Moisturize: Use a fragrance free moisturizer to help your skin look softer. A moisturizer will not prevent adult acne, but it will help your skin maintain a youthful appearance. This is especially important during the winter months. Skin can easily become dull and weathered-looking without moisturizer. The moisturizer you choose should be friendly to your skin! Chemicals and artificial extracts offer nothing to your skin. Try an all natural moisturizer which contains real extracts and ingredients.

3) Attack the root cause of the acne, which lies in the buildup of oils secreted in the pores. DHT is now known to be the big culprit in promoting oil buildup in the skin, which attracts dirt and bacteria and leads to clogged pores, resulting in blackheads and acne. Using acne products designed to reduce DHT (and thus the associated oil buildup) will clear the problem before it starts.

Morning:1)Start the day off by washing the moisturizer off of your face. Just because you can not feel it, doesn't mean it's no longer there. Your skin will absorb most of the moisturizer, but you still need to remove excess dirt and oil. Prevention is just as important as keeping adult acne at bay.

2) Need an invigorating jump start for your day? Daily exfoliating. While this may not seem like an important step to preventing adult acne, it is! Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and surface dirt. It also helps unclog pores which have trapped dirt and become clogged. Your skin will feel and look very refreshing each day.

3) Use a DHT reducing product on the areas where acne exists. While reducing DHT you are effectively reducing the amount of oil created and thus freeing pores from excess oil, dirt and bacteria.

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