The Prevention and Treatment of Dry Skin

By: Dennis Cole

Dry skin is just what it sounds like. For some reason, the moisture that is in your skin is no longer there. For most people, the body produces a number of different natural oils that keep the skin moist and soft. It does this only so that your skin is soft but so that it is less likely to be injured or to dry out. But, for some reason, your skin has reduced the amount of oils that it is producing. Or, you are washing away those oils so often that your skin is left feeling dry, itchy and even painful.

All of these conditions can be prevented. For some, medical conditions are to blame for their dry skin. When that is the case, it is even more important to seek out the help of your doctor. Often, there is help for your condition whether it is just applying lotions or taking better care of your skin in the first place.

The causes for dry skin range in severity too. While you may be just a bit uncomfortable with the itchy skin, for others it is painful. Some of the causes that you may have been exposed to is low humidity, too much washing, soap too harsh for the skin, not enough vitamin A, an illness and sunlight.

The cause of your dry skin may be something different, too. The fact is that there are many causes to this common condition. The good news is that most of the time all that is needed is prevention from these conditions or a few moisturizers to give you the relief you deserve.

There are medications on the market that can help with stopping both the itch and the dry skin. These are available as over the counter products. Look for over the counter 1 percent hydro-cortisone cream on the effected areas. If they are very bad, contact your doctor who will likely give you another prescription strength product to take.

You can also try to take a bath that mixes warm water with one cup of oatmeal in it. To do this, place about a cup of oatmeal in a cotton cloth and cook it as you normally would. Ad this to the bathtub and use it as a sponge to help relieve the dry skin and the itch. There are also a number of products on the market that can provide this same help to you.

If you have dry skin so badly that you have been scratching it heavily, you should take the time to call on a doctor to find relief. If you have scratched the skin so much so that you have broken it open and it is a painful sore, you should seek help.

Here are several cases in which you really should pick up the phone and call on your doctor for some help.

1. If your body itches and feels like there is something bothering your skin much like that of dry skin, call on your doctor. You may or may not have a rash that you can notice.

2. If you have dry skin that is itching you severely that it is interfering with your day to day function or sleep, call on your doctor.

3. If your home treatment of your dry skin has not been helping or providing any relief after several applications, call on your doctor.

There are several different medical conditions that can lead to problems like dry skin. Ichthyosis vulgaris is one of them. This condition is also known as fish scale disease as the skin has problems shedding its dead skin cells. Instead, they accumulate on the skin and cause what looks like thick scales on the skin. This happens often on the lower legs and can range in color.

Another medical condition is that of lamellar ichthyosis. This condition is one that lasts throughout your life. Infants are born with the condition which will produce scales of different sorts throughout the body. This condition is one that leads to disfiguring results and often to psychological damage as well. Another condition is that of asteatotic eczema, which is a condition that leaves the skin with dry, scaly, fissured skin. The skin is itching and may become inflamed which leads to bleeding. This condition can happen to anyone but is most common in the elderly.

Yet another condition in which dry skin plays a role is that of Psoriasis. This condition is one that results in the skin having dry scales that are usually a silvery color. Sometimes, they can look like dandruff. Those that have this condition are likely to have skin that is cracked and will bleed. Pus filled blisters are also common. Unfortunately, this is a disease that is chronic and often has flares that happen sporadically. Most patients are diagnosed with this disease in their early twentys but it can happen at any time in your life.

Dry skin is something to consider being proactive about. If you are one of the many that suffers from dry skin in the winter or even in the warmer months, it is important to do your best to take care of it now. You can start by taking time to moisturize, protection against sun and cold, do not take hot showers and eat a well balanced diet.

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