How to Get a Girl's Phone Number

By: Dantmm
If you've ever wondered how to get a girl's phone number, I'm about to clear the whole issue up for you.

I want to begin by stating a very important fact: Getting a girls's phone number is no big deal.

When to get a phone number: I could write an entire book on how and when you should get a phone number for hundreds of different situations, but all you need to remember is:

1. Assume that she will give it to you.
2. Do it when the time is right - when you have to part ways for some reason, or you happen to be talking about meeting up again, etc.
3. Getting a phone number is no big deal, so be relaxed and natural about it.
4. Tell her to give you the number instead of asking for it.

For example: "'s been good talking to you...we should chat again sometime...put your number in here."

5. Then say something simple, "Cool, I'll give you a call sometime."

If possible, avoid making plans on the spot by saying something like this "I'll call you on Tuesday and set up a time for us to meet and go for coffee" as it ruins the anticipation.

As you may know, women love anticipation. You want women to be thinking, "Will he call? What will he say when he calls? Will he want to go on a date? I wonder where we'll go!" instead of thinking, "That guy from the bar said he'd be calling me today to organize going for a coffee date. I can't be bothered going for a coffee this week...I'll just say that I have plans."

Before Making the Call: When you start getting phone numbers from attractive women, you may feel a little daunted about making the follow-up calls.

This is especially true if the women you are now meeting weren't previously interested in a guy like you. It's a new life for you now though isn't it?

Thing are going to change. You can do this. So let's stop for a moment and realize some things about making phone calls to new women...

1. You don't need to impress women - they don't want you to try. However, ensure that you are being attractive.
2. You have everything to gain by calling - potential sex and relationships.
3. You have standards about what you like and dislike about women - you are the selector, not her.

If you ever find yourself worrying about making the call, just stop and imagine the things you will potentially miss out on if you don't call:

- Hot sex.
- Fun and great feelings.
- A relationship.
- More friends.
- Hanging out with a beautiful woman.
- The feelings of lust.
- Falling in love.
- Having a woman close up to you. Her beautiful scents, her soft skin. Her laughter.
- Cuddling together in bed and looking into each other's eyes.
- Touch.
- Intense moments of passion.
- The opportunity to give to each other and make each other happy.

...and then call her! When you do call, be playful, relaxed and natural. Let it flow.

How long should I wait until calling? As long as you are not being needy or suddenly treating her like she is your girlfriend (or wife-to-be), then you should call her whenever you feel like it.

My general rules that I work by: If I meet a girl on a Friday night: Call her Sunday. If I meet a girl on a Saturday night: Call her Monday.

Should I pursue her until something happens? Some women require more pursuit than others, for many reasons. It's okay to pursue a woman, as long as you're not being needy about it.

So, I hope you enjoyed those tips on how to get a girl's phone number. Now all you have to do is approach girls and start conversations.
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