Slim Camera Cell Phone Motorola Razr2 V8

By: prabakar

Motorola introduced new design cell phone Motorola Razr2 V8. Another new feature in the Motorola Razr2 V8 is Motorola's new Crystal Talk technology. This is a mix of hardware and software improvements that are designed to enhance voice clarity and reduce background noise. The Motorola Razr2 V8 also has a camera and video recorder, but at just 2.0 mega pixels and no flash the camera is at best average. The Motorola Razr2 V8 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2) with support for Bluetooth headsets, and also microUSB 2.0 connectivity, giving fast data connections with a PC. Battery life is acceptable, although the big LCD displays do tend to eat power. Depending on how much you use the phone, you'll probably get between 1 and 3 days' use between charges.

The media player installed in the Motorola Razr2 V8 is Windows Media Player 11, which is an excellent music player, with wide support for virtually all music formats. You can create and manage play lists from the phone, and synchronisation with a PC is simple. It's a shame that there's no radio though, and also the bundled headphones aren't the best on offer. The memory available is either 512 Mbytes or 2 Gbytes, depending on which version of the Motorola Razr2 V8 you choose. It isn't expandable, so we'd recommend that you choose the 2 Gbyte version, as you won't be able to change your mind later.

The Motorola Razr2 V8 is also the first commercially available Linux-based phone. Linux is an operating system used on computers (especially webservers and workstations) so putting it on a mobile phone isn't an obvious move. However, the result is a fast, responsive system that supports multitasking well (so you can play music whilst using other phone functions, for example). We have no complaints about it.

Summing up, the Motorola Razr2 V8 is a really interesting phone far more than just a slimmed-down V3. The external touch screen is a really nice concept, the Crystal Talk feature works well, and the media player is excellent. Connectivity is good and so is memory (provided that you choose the 2 Gbyte version). Battery life is fine. Please purchase online

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