Naming Your Baby According To Kabbalah

By: Tali Saar

Naming your baby according to the kabbalah

Many believe the name of a person holds much more than can be seen. The kabbalah states that the name of a person will certainly determine their faith: success, health, character, career, romantic life, disappointments, illness, setbacks, divorce, stress and separation. It is ones choice to stick with his born name, or make adjustment in order to change his life energy.

According to Kabbalah experts, each letter of the alpha-bet is the continuation of a revitalizing light. A special and unique force lies in each different letter, and is not found in other letters. This power can be investigated through the shape of the letter, and kabbalarian numbers which reveal valuable information by combining the numbers assigned to each letter in the name.

Each person lives by the effect of these forces, combined in his name. An ideal name would create a mixture of forces to balance the persons other influences coming from his birth date, name of his mother, his last name and so forth.

In the case of a newborn baby, knowing the names of the parents, and the last name, are sufficient in order to choose a balanced name.

Each change in combination of the letters in the name will result in a change in balance of powers. The order of the letters matters as well – The first letter is the most significant in its influence.

The letters reveal three aspects of a person: thought, speech, and action.

Action lies in the written name, Speech lies in the sound of the name being called, and thought lies in the thought about a person carrying this name. These three aspects create a great meaningful pattern which can be detected and analyzed by kabbalah experts.

The mathematical principal in naming according to kabbalah is called gematria. Each letter in Hebrew is associated with a number. Adding up the numbers of all letters will result in a number that represents the person. For example – Jacob, in Hebrew is spelled with the letters yud-ayin-kuf-bet, and give the number 182, which is 7 times the name of God (yud-heh-vav-heh) . The number 7 represents harmony and completeness – seven days a week, seven notes in a musical scale. Jacob therefore represents the complete and harmonious expression of God's name.

Non recommended choices in the kabbalah are two letter names, which do not posses enough strength, and also unisex names. It is important to keep in mind that each letter determines the faith of the baby.

Choosing the right and balanced name for your baby is a serious thing, and should be done with the help of a kabbalah expert. This is mainly because there are many aspects to be aware of as the last name, the date of birth, names of the parents and even location of birth. All of these might make a name that is right for one person, very misfortunate for another.

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