Our Neighbors Interesting New Antenna

By: Jim Williams

Several months ago, my spouse and I were having a stroll around the subdivision. As we always do, we talked about all the houses and what we like and don't like about each one.

Even though we see the same houses each time we take a stroll, we always see something new to talk about. During a particular jog, we saw something that grabbed our attention on top of one of the neighbors' roof. It was an antenna and it looked similar to one of those old-fashioned antennas everyone used to use instead of getting Satellite.

The difference was that it was much littler than the old-fashioned ones. I was questioning to why they had it because I thought just about either everyone had cable, satellite or an indoor rabbit ears. A few weeks afterward, I was out in my yard gardening and that identical person happened to walk by the house.

I waved and then decided to walk over to him. I asked him that I had seen the new antenna on his roof. He told me that it was an HD antenna. Then he let me know that he found out you can place it on your roof and it will pick up HD signals just like the cable company sends out.

The only difference is that you get clearer pictures and you don't have to pay per month for it like you do with cable. I thought it was absorbing and later that evening, I told my spouse what the neighbor said.

My hubby said that it probably doesn't come in crystal clear when there is a bad snow storm or high winds. I was wondering about that because why would he want an HD signal that was not consistent.

I went on the Internet and found out that numerous of the antennas are rugged enough to keep their HD signals even in storms. The cost of them was not really much money either and we would pay for it in a few months time in the amount that we pay monthly to the cable company.

I ran it by my husband and then bought it. Now, we also have an antenna on our roof and it really is pleasant to have HD channels without relying on the cable provider's monthly fee.

I saw my neighbour shortly after I put up the antenna and he noticed. He was joyous that he was able to let me know about it and asked if I was satisfied. I let him know that I was thrilled, appreciated the information and the added savings each period!

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