My Child Wont Eat That!

By: Mila Sidman and Alice Seba

I hear it often, mothers complaining how their child just won’t eat those foods. They say “I give him healthy foods but he won’t eat it, what am I supposed to do?” Unfortunately, it seems as though many parents are giving in to their kids eating habits. This is causing huge problems and raising a nation of picky eaters.

So your child won’t eat vegetables or fruit, are you so sure? What if you didn’t give him an option. No, I’m not suggestion you force feed the little guy but you could limit his options in other ways.

Keep junk food out of the house. If there isn’t much else to eat other than healthy foods the little tyke won’t have a choice.

Limit Snacks. If little Jane snacks all day of course she won’t be in the mood to eat dinner at 5 p.m. She’ll be full of snacks. Limit snacks to two or three small snacks a day and watch Jane eat her healthy dinner.

Make healthy food cool. Even without realizing we often reinforce in our kids minds that fun and yummy foods consist of chocolate, cakes and cookies… yum! Vegetables and other healthy foods are boring and no fun but must be eaten in order to have the fun, yummy foods. Do you see what I’m getting at? Treat vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods as fun snacks and show your kids what a joy they can be to eat…. Mmmm, carrot sticks and apple slices, yummy!

So next time you’re tempted to say, “my child won’t eat that” stop yourself and think will she really not eat it or am I making it an option for her not to eat it. Sometimes kids don’t need choices or options and eating healthy balanced foods is one of those times.

On a more serious note, think of all the health and obesity problems we’re currently faced with. Lets teach our kids from a young age that food is fuel for the body and mind… good food will fuel them with the energy they need to live a healthy and happy life.

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