How To Tell If YOur Child Is Being Sexually Abused

By: Laura Lanfield, P.I.

One of the saddest sights I have ever seen as a private investigator was a young mother who had just been told that her young daughter was the victim of an ongoing sexual abuse situation and the perpetrator was her 2nd husband.

I aksed her "How come you didn't know? She was with you every day. Who does your laundry? Who changed the sheets." Her answer confused me, "MY mother did those things."

And she said, "My mother slept in bed with her every night. " And so began a terrible case for me. ONe of sexual abuse, tyranny and intense frustration. Having been hired to work defense for a woman charged with failure to protect, a woman whose sexual predator husband had been raping her daughter for 5 years since the age of 8. I was stunned to realize that she did not know.

She told me that had she known she ould have killed him. The story unfolded before me over the next 6 months. What I learned inspired me to share important information with parents of young children. It could happen to anyone, anywhere but in my private investigating experience, more often with 2nd marriages, live-in lovers and so called firends who have been invited to share a household with young children. In today's world it is easy to check references, do background checks, investigate criminal histories, and locate sexual predators. Never in our history has it been so simple, available and necessary. Most private investigators' work hand in hand with local governments have access to more information than ever before. Any suspicion even the mildest necessitates checking so that children live safely and grow up uncolested with happy, secure childhoods and wonderful memories of being protected by their parents and loved ones.

Sexual predators are among us, the internet has made the problem even more serious and widespread, but careful attention to growing kids and their needs by loving parents can prevent the horrible repercussion of repressed sexual abuse.

Here are som clues as to whether your child is a victim of sexual abuse:

1) Is your chid suddenly less communicative withyou?
2) Has their school work taken a turn for the worse?
3) Do they stay to themselves more and see less of their friends?
4) Has their appetite for food diminished or their appetites increased excessively?
5) Do they seem depressed or cry a lot?
6) Do they avoid or try to avoid being with your significant other?

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