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Free Registry Repair - Cure Your Computer Without Cost!

By: Kok Choon
I must highlight some of the disadvantage of using free registry repair software:Bad #1 - Errors detection not so effective, you need more free cleaners to produce satisfaction result.Bad #2 - Lack of auto backup. Freeware registry cleaners do not usually come with auto backup before repair, you need to be careful when using them.Bad #3 - Not problem proof. Freeware registry cleaners require human intervention to determine if such entry can be safely removed.Bad #4 - Lack of support.Having said that, with multiple free registry repair software, you can contra each other weakness with their unique features! 3 of my favorite free registry cleaners are:EUsing - Repairs your registry without much human intervention, you can also use it to backup the whole Windows registry without regedit.Regseeker - Nice interface and nice software, but require a license for commercial use.CCleaner - Clean general computer trash, including Windows registry.Another popular and free registry repair software is EasyCleaner - Function similar to CCleaner, but I didn't use it anymore, because I have the other 3!The rule to use freeware cleaner is backup, backup and backup. Never use a free cleaner without backup unless you already use it for some time and feel safe with it. For faster, more effective manage, scan and repair your WindowsFree Reprint Articles, I would still recommend the commercial product: Registry Easy and Regcure.(C) Copyright 2008 Kok Choon - Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

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