Repair Your Computer Registry--stop Freezing and Slow Running

By: John Mowatt
It's really annoying when you turn on your computer and sit there,for what seems like forever,waiting for it to load up. Finally it does and you click on a program and wait again for it to get going.

It didn,t used to be like that when the computer was newer. Everything loaded quickly in a fraction of the time it takes now. What is wrong? Well over time the computers registry has become bloated with a lot of useless bits and pieces of information. This slows down the operating system as it picks its way through the maze of fragments of data. Often you will have freezing problems also. The answer is to clean your registry and remove all the material which is not needed.

What is the computer registry? To describe it simply it is a data base from which the operating system obtains information needed to run the computer. Over a period of time the registry becomes contaminated with fragments of programs which were not properly and completely uninstalled. There will also be parts of programs which were never completely installed,dead drivers which are no longer needed and many other bits and pieces from various sources. Spyware may also be present and harming the performance of your computer.

To correct these problems you need to use a good registry cleaning application. There are many registry cleaning programs on the market and after sampling most of them we have come to some conclusions as to which is best. Some of them offer a free scan of your computer. This is done with no obligation and will tell you what has to be done to get your computer back to full speed. You can then decide whether to use the registry cleaning application or to remove the material manually yourself.

If you have sufficient computer skills you can go into the registry yourself and remove the offending material. But a solemn warning is in order here. Unless you know exactly what you are doing be very careful about what you delete from your registry. You can very easily remove vital parts of various programs which may be shared with other applications. You can in fact completely disable your computer if you remove some data needed for its operation. Someone who does not know what should be in the registry will not find this an easy job. Far better to use a registry cleaning application which is safe and will remove only unecessary material.

A good registry cleaning program will begin by backing up your registry so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong. It will then remove duplicate files,program fragments,dead drivers,unused shortcuts,spyware,invalid paths and fonts,invalid file types and much more. The end result will be a computer which is restored to full speed and no longer freezes continually. What a relief to get your computer back to the great performance it once had in earlier days. We have found a program we believe to be the best of them all and recommend it to you. The saving in time and annoyance is well worth it.
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