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By: Ethanhunter
There could be several reasons for your computer to develop faults which stops your PC from performing. These faults could be with your Windows operating system, with either the registry getting corrupted, or your computer getting infected by viruses and spyware, and there could be many more. Free windows repair downloads from the Internet may provide solutions to a majority of the faults encountered in Windows PC.

The registry system in your PC develops errors which increase the size of the registry. Accumulation of errors makes your registry grow larger causing your computer to slow down. Windows operating system looks for relevant data in the registry, and the larger the size of the registry, Windows takes more and more time to scan for the data that it is looking for. More-over, errors in the registry system produce conflicts, and conflicts could mean that your computer could hang and even fail to boot. To avoid such problems, download free windows repair registry cleaning software from the Internet to remove registry errors and optimize it as well.

Windows stores its important data in the registry. The registry is a database holding important data which is needed by Windows to operate. During the time you use your PC, errors develop in the registry system, and these errors could be obsolete, invalid, and corrupt entries which have accumulated with time making the registry grow in size. Your computer starts to slow down and even hangs during operation. You may have a blue screen coming up on your monitor and your computer may even fail to boot. To avoid these problems, you need to remove the errors from your registry regularly using free Windows repair registry cleaning software downloaded from the Internet.

Scan your PC regularly for viruses and malicious software. You may get infected while you are browsing the Internet, or a virus could infect your computer as soon as you open an unknown email attachment. While you are on the Internet, your computer remains vulnerable to viruses and spyware. Your computer could get slow, or totally stop functioning. You should scan your PC regularly for these vulnerabilities, and have proper anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed in your computer for detection and removal of the infections. Free windows repair offers online spyware and virus scanning features which you may use to find out if your computer has been infected.

Data fragmentation in your hard drive renders your computer to run slow. The data in your hard disk gets fragmented as you use your computer, and the fragmented data is scattered all over the hard disk. Windows looks for relevant data when it is executing a program. If the data is too widely scattered, it takes more time for Windows to scan the hard drive in order to retrieve the relevant data. This makes your computer run slow. Defragmenting your hard disk keeps your data contiguous, and this helps your Windows operating system take less time to locate the data that it requires. You should regularly use free Windows repair defrag software that comes along with your Windows. This will keep your hard disk in shape and your PC performing optimally.

Important files may get deleted by mistake. Missing files may create errors in your computer. As long as you have deleted the files from your re-cycle bin, there could be chances in its recovery. Free Windows repair downloads offer file recovery software which would recover the files you have deleted by error.

There are several free windows repair on the Internet which could be downloaded and installed in your PC. Free file recovery software can be used for your file recoveries, retrieving your deleted files, and also in helping you to recover a lost file. Some of the free recovery software has the feature to recover part of the file that has been damaged beyond recovery.
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