Siebel CRM guide

By: Mansi Gupta

With the growing competition in today's business world successful Customer Relationship Management or CRM has become indispensable for any organization. Making good use of superior customer relationship management to manage and share information is a key competitive advantage for businesses today. At the same time, getting the greatest productivity and revenue benefits from sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service applications is quickly becoming a top priority for companies of all sizes.

There are many different types of CRM applications. Some CRM applications are Web-based so they can be accessed via a browser. Other CRM applications have programs built in for integrating data entries and data management across several applications. In order to successfully collect data, manage call centers, analyze data, and make changes, businesses need these CRM applications. There are many CRM vendors in the world. The most widely-recognized vendors are Siebel,, and Microsoft. Each of these vendors has contributed to CRM in its own way. CRM vendors also have specific strategies that are unique to every client. The goal of a CRM vendor is to not only upgrade a company with the latest CRM technology, but also to design the company's infrastructure in such a way that the customer/company relationship can flourish.

'Siebel Systems' is the world's leading provider of solutions that help organizations of all sizes optimize their people, processes, and technology around their customers, leading to outstanding customer experiences and superior business results. With more than $2 billion in direct and partner investment and over 11 years of experience with more than 4,000 organizations Siebel offers perfect customer relationship management, business intelligence, and customer data integration solutions.

With the global competition quickly turning their products and services into commodities the organizations have realized that they can secure cost savings only from operational efficiencies and back-end transactional improvements. Thus, they are now looking for business solutions to help them more effectively identify, acquire, serve, and retain their customers. Moreover, they're looking for help in growing customer profitability and for ways to improve the experience their customers have at every stage of the customer life cycle, from placing an order to resolving a service issue. However, this search is not uncomplicated. Creating a consistently rewarding and profitable customer experience in every interaction, across all channels, is a complex task. To face these challenges professionally and become truly customer-driven, organizations must develop a comprehensive customer-focused business strategy and then mobilize the right combination of people, processes, and technology to bring that strategy to life. This is where Siebel can make all the difference. Siebel helps companies of all sizes optimize everything, such as, their people, processes, and technology around their customers. It assists them to overcome the challenges and achieve outstanding customer-driven business results.

Therefore, as customer expectations are always increasing, the business services must increase along with these expectations. CRM is the method through which businesses can connect with their customers and hence, serve them better. Organizations with successful CRM strategy and applications will be successful in securing a large increase in sales, customer satisfaction, which will in turn ensure the overall success of their business.

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