Mozilla Firefox and Its Advantages

By: Jodan Hasson

IE is a very good browser in many respects, but the bad guys just love to hack at it and bombard you with nasty bugs. However, there is a better browser available that's not subject to all these viruses and attacks. Internet Explorer is the most popular browser that is used for surfing the net today. Users need a secure and reliable internet browser that will not let harmful viruses and spyware invade computers when browsing the interent. The most widely accepted browser as far back as anyone can remember is Internet Explorer. In the browser generation we are now seeing other browsers enter the market like firefox, opera and others.

So Do you know what the advantages firefox could have over the famous Internet Explorer?

1 The first advatage is obviously the fact you can download and save the instalelr anytime you need to use it.

2 I have found Firefox to be an easier and definitely more reliable way to search and save web pages both online and off.

3 Firefox comes with a few Key Features as mentioned on their web page. The first feature is Tabbed Browsing, which allows you to view multiple pages in one browser, a feature that IE does not have unless installed with a toolbar, Pop-up Blocking, Higher Security standards, and the Google toolbar.

4 Another advantage to Firefox is the Firefox Safe Mode feature, with this feature you can decide whether or not to disable add-ons, reset toolbars and controls, reset bookmarks to firefox defaults, reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults, and restore default search engines.

Firefox also supports the following standard softwares; CSS, DOM, DTD, ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript), HTML, MathML, PNG, SVG, XHTML, and XML. You can also use the WHATWG program.

visit to download firefox for free.

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