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By: Robert

Download Wii roms can be the thing that seperates the happy Wii owners from the sad ones. A rom is another name for the data contained on a CD or game cart, and downloading them can be a great way to save money on expensive game purchases. If you'd like to save some money by downloading your games, check out the rest of this article.

If you're a Wii owner you're already in a pretty exclusive club-as the most popular of the new generation of consoles, getting your hands on one these days can be pretty tough. If you are lucky enough to own one, and you'd like to download Wii roms, you'll need to pay attention to a few things first:

1-Make sure your computer is locked up safer than fort knox. Many people try to download Wii roms from the torrent or Peer to Peer sites, which can often end in the misery of viruses etc for your computer. You will need to download to your computer first, and these kinds of sites are notorious for being riddled with viruses and spyware. My advice would be to avoid torrent and P2P sites altogether, but if you do feel the need to check one out, make sure your computer is ultra safe and that your antivirus is regularly updated. Do you really want to downlload Wii roms at the expense of buying a new computer?

2-Stay inside the law. Before you download anything of this nature, whether you are looking to download Wii roms or even PSP wallpapers or whatever, it's a good idea to try and get some clue about the copyright legalities in your territory. There are different copyright laws in different areas, and unless you want to end up in jail or facing some huge fine, you'd be better off finding out the full story.

3-Find a reputable download site. I've already mentioned how untrustworthy some sites can be, so it's always well worth trying to seek out some kind of review or recommendation from somewhere. As well as being places to get viruses, there are a few sites out there where you can download Wii roms, but all they are really doing is tricking you into signing up to some kind of monthly membership payment.

Not very cool!

Thankfully, if you search you can find some genuine Wii download sites. There's a new breed of download site that has emerged due to the high speed internet people now enjoy. Basically they work by charging a one off fee, like an admin fee to take care of maintenance etc, and then you get lifelong access to their library of software. Typically a site like this can offer a high speed download of every single game on the market and also a huge selection of movies and music, tv shows etc.

The admin fee can seem steep at first at between $30 and $50, but when you get into it provides great value. How many games can you buy in a store for $50? And how many can you download between now and forever? It really doesn't take long to get much more than your money's worth. These sites are definitely the best places I've found to download Wii roms.

I'm hoping that this article has educated you in the possibilities of downloading Wii roms and games. Check out the links below to see the best of the new download sites.

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