How To Find The Best Audio Products

By: Shaun Parker

Music has such a force to brighten your mood, get you into the zone or bring tears to your eyes that it's no wonder that we want to share it with others or listen to it ourselves wherever we are. There are plenty of options now for the music fan rather than just going to a gig and watching a band live.

MP3 players, home entertainment systems, DAB radio, in the car, in the office, even underwater, the list is endless. Here are some of our favourite devices.

Apple iPod touch

Apple's iPod touch is virtually identical to the company's mobile phone in its offering except it doesn't feature a mobile phone. What you do get however is the chance listen to your music, watch movies, television shows or podcasts as well as surf the web play games. The touch screen and interface is really nice and all it's missing really is more memory as it currently only has a maximum of 32GB.

Creative Zen Plus with speakers

If you're looking to store your music in a device that's as small as possible you can't beat the Creative Zen Plus or the Creative Zen Plus with speakers. The size of a small pebble, the MP3 player comes with a small OLED screen so you can see what you are doing, a FM radio, 4GB of storage and a little speaker on the back so you can share the music with friends. Music is dragged on to the player without the need for software and prices start from around 50 quid it won't break the bank either.

Pure Digital DAB radio

If you're looking for CD quality sound and the ability to change channel on your radio as easily as you do with your television you'll need to get a DAB radio and Pure Digital in the UK are one of the best companies to offer you one. The range it offers is pretty impressive from the Pure Move - a digital radio ideal for picnics or in the garden, to it's Evoke III model that allows you to pause radio and rewind in case you miss something. You can also record straight to SD card so you can play back your favourite show later in the week. If you're not up for any of the Pure Digital offerings, Roberts is also worth checking out.

Bose iPod dock

You've got your iPod, now you need some speakers and everyone and anyone that makes consumers electronics will offer you a choice to listen to your music in your home. Companies that offer competing MP3 players to Apple's iconic music box even make them. But one speaker set that is consistently hard to beat is the Bose Sounddock. It might not be the latest and greatest, but it sounds amazing. The only catch? The amazing price. At 250 pounds it's more expensive than the MP3 player itself.

Sennheiser p450

If you travel lots the drone of an aeroplane is annoying, so a number of companies offer noise-cancelling headphones to try and block this out. Sennheiser, a German firm, offer the P450s, an impressive headphone package that lets you drone out the noise as well as listen to your music with crystal clear clarity.

Underwater headphones

We said you could even listen to music underwater and the H2O earphones and iPod case will let you do that. Pop your iPod into the watertight case, plug in the waterproof earphones and then strap both products to your arm or your waist. You can then get on with swimming lengths listening to your favourite tunes.

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