Copywriting Tips - How To Create Powerful Testimonials

By: Jodiekastner
As a copywriter, you'll find that many of the testimonials you have access to aren't as good as they could be. They might be too vague, or just plain boring. If that's the case, don't think you have to use them. Testimonials can be a great selling selling tool for a copywriter -- you need to take full advantage of them.

By doing a little extra work, you can go out and get great ones. Testimonials that talk about specific benefits, and connect with your prospect because they are talking more than just "before and after" -- they're telling stories about real people. With testimonials like this, your copy becomes even more powerful.

Most customers give the same type of testimonial. I call it a Before and After testimonial. He tells you the problem he had, and how this product solved it. This type of testimonial is definitely better than just saying, "I loved your product!" but in today's market you need to go one step further.

That's because your prospect is getting use to seeing Before and After testimonials. Everyone is using them, and they just don't have the same impact they use to have.

In today's market, you want to use testimonials that are richer and more powerful. Luckily, you can get a stack of real-life testimonials that will highlight different key benefits. It's just a matter of going out and getting them.

The first step is to get the names and contact information of key customers. Call them up and arrange a time to "interview" them for 20-25 minutes. This will be your chance to uncover interesting, real-life stories your prospect can relate to.

The next step is vital to creating powerful testimonials.

As you finish your interview, take a moment and ask the customer you can use what he said as a testimonial for the product. Most likely, he will say yes. When he does, tell him that you'd be happy to type one up based on the comments he's made. Let him know that he will have final approval on it before it's used. Most customers love this idea.

Now it's a matter of taking the information you just got and crafting the best testimonial possible. If you've done a good job interviewing them, you should have some great material to work with.

Take some time to review your notes. Then ask yourself a few questions:

* Which angle should I take?

* What are the key benefits I want to emphasize?

* Which one does this story support the best?

* What is the best way to position this particular testimonial?

* What parts can I use to make my prospect say, "That guy is exactly like me!"

Just imagine how powerful this technique is! You will uncover material that lends itself to different angles and selling opportunities. You'll also hear about real-life tidbits that you can weave throughout the rest of your copy.

Interviewing happy customers has got to be the most powerful way to get strong testimonials that support your sales copy. If you understand how to guide the conversation in the right direction, you can uncover the good stuff quickly, every single time. Once you've done that, the only thing left is positioning it properly and you've got copywriting gold!

You'll have a testimonial that's written from your customer's own unique perspective. One that's focused on the exact benefit you want to emphasize, and talks to your prospect's real needs and desires. A powerful testimonial that's written in your customer's own word, only better!
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