Copywriting Software - The Ultimate Copywriting Aid?

By: Matt Oconnor

Writing copy is your number one weapon when it comes to making serious money online. Sure, you can spend hours getting traffic to your site using the multitude of options available, but if your site doesn't convert to a sale, a click or a sign-up - then you've wasted your time.

With that in mind is there an easy way to writing great copy?

There's always a debate raging amongst the copywriting forums about whether a piece of software could out-pull a highly paid copywriter.

Could a machine out-think the human brain and write a sales letter that made more money?

Well, the short answer is... no. Contrary to popular belief there isn't a software program that spouts forth profit pulling copy (or at least original profit pulling copy).

No piece of software can be more creative than the human mind when it comes to the core of copywriting which is to connect with the reader. Sure, it can check headlines against hundreds of other proven templates and it can suggest words but so far there is no one application that can do a sales letter for you.

Best learn copywriting then...

SO what makes a great sales letter. In my mind you first have to look for the essence of the piece. What are you trying to sell, what will your copy be about and importantly what is the lead to the story?

By that I mean that there needs to be a central message, similar to a news article. If your copy is just blatant hype then you'll never sell a damn thing! Look for an interesting angle, look for the lead and then go from there.

This lead will make its first appearance in your headline and sub-headline. It can be expounded on in your intro and then you can go into greater detail. Grab the readers attention first with the lead.

For instance, if I was writing a sales letter on a dandruff cure I wouldn't start off the piece talking about how to cure dandruff but I'd maybe shift the angle to "the secret the cosmetic companies don't want you to know" or something along those lines. Make it readable and gripping.

To keep them gripped you've got to retain your reader's interest and I do this by using a story of some sort. I keep my writing punchy and interesting and I write as if I'm talking directly to the reader. Don't write for a group of people, write as if you're talking directly to one person.

Build up this desire and then ask for the sale at the end of the letter, just make sure you pile on enough reasons and/or bonuses as well as a money back guarantee to make the reader feel he'd be a fool not to buy.

Always, make sure the reader is in a better position after ordering than before - even if he refunds. For example, let your prospect know that he can keep the ebook/audio/video even if he asks for a refund. See how that would make it a truly riveting offer?

Writing great copy is your secret weapon, it gives you the ability to make money anytime on the internet. You just need that one page that converts, that pulls the reader in and makes him/her whip out their wallet and you're on your way to a fortune.

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