Structuring your Copy

By: Rayedwards
This article will discuss how to structure your copy when working for a client. A lot of copy has already been written over the years and you do not need to reinvent the wheel. This article will specifically cover the sales letter because of its greatest impact, especially if you decide to do SEO copywriting.

One school of thought says that your website should be one large sales letter. This could be a great opportunity for you. You can write for off-line and online businesses using a sales letter format.

A sales letter contains three components that dictate the success of the letter: The headline, offer, and the postscript. As the first component, the headline needs to grab people's attention. If you fail to do this you are wasting your time. Then, the offer must be explicit in order to tell the customer what you're offering. It must entice the customer to buy your product after reading the letter. The final component, the postscript, is the second most read portion of a sales letter just after the headline. This section should contain a special incentive to motivate your customers to take advantage of your offer. You should take each component in order as you write. But do not write it all at once; instead take it section by section. I.e. Write the headline first, the offer second and the postscript last. This will help produce a great sales letter.

If you don't have great experience writing copy, then you should read the books of the experts and follow their guidelines. Dan Kennedy is a great example. He is an excellent copywriter and has written some extremely insightful books about copywriting.

Hopefully this advice has helped you better develop your skills as a copywriter. The key is to follow the patterns already established and build your own creative spin into your work. Don't reinvent the wheel when writing. This will result in weak sales and more work. Use the structures that have already been proven successful. This will help you become a better and more successful copywriter.
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