Cracking The Copywriter's Code

By: Eric J Engel

The 'Never Before Seen' Key to Cracking Copy

Ok, people asked for it, and I’m delivering. I’m about to reveal the copywriter’s secret. Not the ones you’ll find in the free reports and e-books all the other guys are passing around. Not the ones disclosed to the suckers who paid for the $10,000 copywriting courses. Not the ones they teach in marketing classes at any of the best colleges. These are the secrets that you can only learn by becoming an insider.

And it’s free to all my newsletter subscribers! You won’t pay a dime for it. But I’d like you to remember one thing.

I could loose my livelihood over this. My peers will be furious if all this information leaks out, so I’m begging you to keep it under your hat. Don’t forward this to anyone…especially with my name ( Eric Engel) or my company’s name (Copy For Sale) attached to it.

So without further ado, I’m going to explain the secret language of copywriters…what we say, and what it means.

What We Say: What It Means

Profit Generating: You don’t actually sell anything…you just convince people to send you money.

Free Report: Another advertisement (like this one) promoting my product or service.

Statistics Show, Studies Say: I couldn’t find any real evidence to support my claims.

What If You Could, Now You Can, People Laughed When I: I didn’t feel like taking the time to think up an original headline.

You Won’t Believe: Because this is such a bogus claim.

Now You Can Learn The Secret To ------: Now I’m going to tell you my baseless theory (after you’ve paid).

Don’t Take My Word For It: Because you can’t

Look What Others Have To Say: See how creative I am by coming up with all these names?

This Confidential Information: This pointless dribble that will make you feel like an important insider.

But Before I Go Into That, Let Me Tell You About A Friend Of Mine Who…: I could have told your what this letter is about in five words or less, but someone paid me $1,500 to write it, and the only thing I can fill it with is a pointless anecdotal story.

Now I’m Ready To Share My Success Secrets: I wasn’t quite pulling in enough money, so I thought I’d tell everyone else how not to pull in money.

You’ll Double Your Website Income In Two Months: I’m counting on the fact that you’re so desperate for money, you’ll read this whole letter…and that means you’re not making any money…and zero times two is zero.

All You Have To Do Is Sign Up For My Newsletter: So I can send you more advertising, and you’ll eventually send me some money.

Over [any number] Percent Of People…: Don’t feel alone in your financial shortcomings…there are a lot of people reading this letter.

I’ve Been In This Business For [any number] Years And…: I still haven’t made a dime.

/Or/ I’m still making money off schmucks like you.

Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing: Pyramids

Time Limited Offer: Although I’ll be happy to accept your money any time you want to send it, I’d prefer to have it today before you really start thinking about this whole ridiculous mess and change your mind.

Call Now For A Free Consultation: And I’ll repeat everything you just read.

Call Now For Your Free Report: And you can read my fifteen page sales letter instead of this five page letter.

Use Copy For Sale: No hype, no BS, just good copy that sells.

There you have it. The secret code we use. You can put this into your own copy and start generating profit immediately. Or you can call me and I’ll use these and many more codes to build you a letter that will fill several pages and say nothing.

OK, in all seriousness, this kind of hype does work in certain markets, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The problem is, the kind of people who respond to these cliché quotes are often the same ones who fall for scams.

So guess what? The scams use this kind of copy. And if you decide this is the right kind of copy for your ads, you’ve automatically shut out a huge portion of potential customers. In some cases, this won’t matter. Perhaps that same portion wouldn’t be interested in your product or service anyway.

Your best bet (if you’re dead set on using hyped up copy) is to try two different letters and test them against each other.

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